Kuja Dosha

Kuja Dosha is checked between the boy and the girl at the time of marriage. Kuja Dosha needs careful analysis and there are some cancellations for this. According to ancient astrology, a person with Kuja Dosha will be devoid of spouse happiness. When the mars is present in the 1,2, 4,7,8,12 house from the lagan, it will give very aggressive nature to the native. Marriage depends on satisfaction and harmonious relationship. Due to presence of mars in the above position, the person with Kuja Dosha will not find satisfaction from his marriage partner. He will be deprived of happiness and pleasures in married life.

Kuja Dosha is one of the checks done before marriage. Shastri Ji is world famous in solving problems of Kuja Dosha. He will recommend Mantra for Kuja Dosha which work well for both the boy and the girl. According to Shastri Ji, Kuja Dosha alone will not create disturbance in marriage. If the boy has Kuja Dosha, nothing will happen to the girl after marriage. A girl who has Kuja Dosha should marry a boy who has Kuja in the 7th position. However, it cannot be neglected and there are methods to overcome this problem.

Tips to Overcome Kuja Dosha:

  1. Marriage between two Kuja Dosha individuals
  2. Kumbh Vivah
  3. Chanting of Mantras for Kuja Dosha
  4. Performing Pujas in temple
  5. Making contributions on Tuesdays
  6. Wearing of gemstones

Effects of Kuja Dosha

Kuja in first house – quarrels in relationship

Kuja in second house – violent speech

Kuja in fourth house – aggressive nature, frequent changes in profession

Kuja in seventh house – difference between family members

Kuja in eight house – Early death of the partner

Kuja in twelfth house – danger of enemies and financial losses

A person with Kuja Dosha should marry the person with same quantum of Kuja Dosha. Shastri Ji will solve the problem with help of special Mantra for Kuja Dosha. Numerous couples are leading a happy married life. Shastri Ji is always there to help you.

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